Remote Propagative Operation

KURONOZ is a collaborative project with friends and colleagues from around the world.
No matter where the collaborators live, with only a few simple requirements (light-blue dress, wig, glasses, black dance sneakers, and red lipstick), they become part of KURONOZ.
 The participants don't have to be dancers. However, if KURONOZ is being presented in a public place, they might be self-conscious. Therefore, performers (such as actors, dancers, musicians) might be more suitable for this project.
 KURONOZ doesn't use facial expressions or words for explanatory purposes. Cue words, noises and sounds are fine. KURONOZ try not to smile.
 With limited costumes, a performer may also transfer a KURONOZ costume to another performer in order to involve more people. The more people, the better!
 The local person in charge of KURONOZ in a specific location (heretofore known as a KURONOZ agent) needs to:
1) receive the kit (light-blue dress, wig, and glasses)
2) gather participants
3) set the venue
4) choreograph or set score
5) report all the names of the participants (they are for personal archival use only and will not be disclosed to the public)
6) photos or video are optional
 If there is a printed program, please give credit to KURONOZ only. Do not list the names of the performers or the KURONOZ agent.


1) クロノズキット(ワンピース、カツラ、メガネ)を受取る。
3) 会場を決める。
4) 振付、及び決めごとを決める。
5) 実施後、参加者の名前を報告する。(参加者名はクロノズの記録の為に使われます。公表する事はありません。)
6) 記録用の写真、ビデオはなくてもよい。