In the winter of 1999-2000, as a part of Ray Nakazawa's "Orbital Link" -artists' meeting, KURONOZ accidentally came out as a fluid performance group. Ms. Kurono one of the participants refused to do group work for the "Orbital Link" performance; however, Nakazawa decided to have other dancers disguise themselves like Ms. Kurono so she could have danced in unison.
KURONOZ is a group of dancers who wear black-framed glasses, blue dresses, and black boots. They have black bobbed hair; copy-KURONOZ wear cheap wigs. All the KURONOZ repeat simple gestures frantically and they exchange the gestures. Among them, there is a real-KURONOZ who doesn't wear a wig in the group.
Although the KURONOZ was found on the proscenium stage first, KURONOZ has been modeling for a photographers and has been seen outside of theaters. KURONOZ's movements are based on improvisation; and unlike the other dance troups, the KURONOZ doesn't have set members.Since the KURONOZ is a group of clone dancers,the real-KURONOZ doesn't have to be in the project all the time.
The KURONOZ appears on stage or outdoors to invade and reflect everyday life of ordinary people.The KURONOZ also represents the emptiness of fashion and danger of group psychology. The KURONOZ sometimes comments on gender and gender relations when it has male KURONOZ.
As of December 2011, KURONOZ has appeared in Japan, France, America, China (Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing), Australia(4 cities), Italy and South Korea. There are more than 844 people participated as KURONOZ.